February 26, 2014

The newest Craft Fair forms are online!

In this issue of Spirit Notes:
- Just in case you missed it last week ...
- Craft Fair work shifts still available
- Patriot Pantry awaits your baked goods donations
- Look for formalwear fittings sign-ups next week
- Band and color guard portraits are ready for pick-up

October 10, 2013

Thanks to all the support for the Tulsa trip! Great experience for all! BoA this weekend. Please check the Spirit Notes for the schedule for this weekend and other volunteer opportunities.

October 2, 2013

Help is needed this Friday , October 4, at 4:00 p.m. to load the equipment trucks bound for Blue Springs.
 Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Congratulations to the Band!
Contest of Champions winner!

1st in thier division.Best Visuals, Best General Effect. 7th over all (Finals result).

September 27, 2013

First competiton of the 2013 season on Saturday!
Contest of Champions! Performance time 12:45pm


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