Recording Session at Universal Studios!

As part of our 2016/2017 Outback Bowl Trip, Parkway South Spirit of '76 participated in the Universal STARS Performance Program. The group performed music and created sound effects on a professional sound stage with a professional Universal Studios technical team.  It was an exciting learning experience for the group with great results.  Watch the link to see what they were able to create!

Click here to watch the movie for which they did the track!

The Lafayette Contest of Champions - "5" Show:

Thanks to Rick Zoellner for this video taken on October 3, 2016

Click here to watch video

The Tiger Ambush Classic Competition - "5" Show:

Give it up for our Band. They earned 2nd place in our Class. We were only .05 away from first! Way go Patriots!!! #Pwhat #Psouth #gofive

Click here to watch video

Video by Rick Zoellner.  Thank you, Rick!